Mason's Journey


Mason Cruz Villagran was born a twin to his sister Malaya Villagran on November 23, 2013. He was born with ASD/VSD and AV valve deficiency and lung disease. He had three heart procedures along with over twenty blood transfusions within his first ten months of his life of which time he lived in the NICU for just shy of six months. Mason had several other procedures for other health issues that are common with heart pediatric babies.

Mason gained his wings on April 22, 2016 at two years five months of age.

Mason was a true warrior during his short life inspiring so many at Children's Hospital and Ochsner Hospital.

Despite his medical challenges Mason was always a happy boy. With over seven surgeries, (twenty) transfusion and multiple procedures he remained resilient. This Angel was a shining light in his family and those around him at Children's Hospital and Ochsner. Mason gained a lot of friends and fans as a result of his happy character. He loved to clap, dance, play ball, and watch Pancake.